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Seeking Landowners with Sites Suitable for Renewable Energy Projects

The UK and Welsh Assembly Governments are committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy we produce. In Wales, we have a target of generating 7 TWh (Tera Watt Hours) of the electricity we use via renewable energy by 2020. Wind power is a non-polluting and clean source of energy. Unlike the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) to produce electricity, wind power generation does not release carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which the majority of scientists believe causes climate change.

Climate change is believed to be increasing the incidence of disastrous weather conditions, such as droughts and severe floods. The impact may be felt not just in far away countries, but also here in Wales. We in Wales can play our part in helping to combat climate change by increasing the amount of clean energy we use, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

Pennant Walters is a renewable energy development company with its head office in Hirwaun, South Wales. If you are a landowner with a site that may be suitable for a wind energy project then please contact us.