Mynydd Bwllfa – Community Fund Rules

The Mynydd Bwllfa project has a £1.5m lifetime community benefit to be distributed at £60,000 per annum.

The fund was not secured by a Section 106 (one was not sought by the LPA) and is paid voluntarily by the company. In this project we also paid a community benefit during the construction year prior to operations. Monies not spent in any year are rolled up within the company and ring fenced for future spend.

Project Location

The benefit is available for qualifying projects in the communities that lie within RCT CBC which include Cwmdare, Llwydcoed, Penywaun and Hirwaun.

When to Apply

The wind farm operational year closes in May of each year after which the fund is distributed to successful applicants following the approval of the Board Paper (usually in June) detailing the applicants for the year. Applications to the fund can be made in any month up to April of the relevant operational year.

How to Apply

Individuals or groups can apply directly or via a councillor or community councillor either by phone, letter or email. Typical projects are usually community development, sports or youth development of various kinds (we provide some examples below).

Example Projects

Some examples of the type of projects the Fund will support are given below:

  • Projects to improve public amenities e.g. community halls, sports facilities (within RCT CBC we have supported schemes at Hirwaun Dragons, Cwmdare Primary School, Rhigos Primary School and Little Inspirations Day Nursery)
  • Footpath works
  • Environmental and wildlife projects including projects to improve public parks and open spaces
  • Activities / events to engage the local community
  • Energy efficiency or renewable energy projects, such as insulation, efficient boilers or small scale renewable energy installations at community amenities.

The above list is not exhaustive and is provided to give ideas only.

Eligible Organisations:

Eligible Organisations, who can apply for funding include:

  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Local Authorities (if they are applying on behalf of a community organisation and they are delivering a project that has come directly from the community). Note – evidence that projects are community driven may be required
  • Charities (delivering local services)
  • Schools and educational establishments (delivering projects outside the LEA requirements)
  • Social enterprises (including credit unions, co-operatives, social firms, community owned enterprises, community interest companies and development trusts) provided they operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Applicants need to have a written constitution, a set of rules, or a governing document and a bank or building society account held in the name of the organisation in place before applying for a grant.


Grants will not be available for:

  • Commercial organisations.
  • Private membership-based sports clubs and facilities unless membership is open to the general public without undue restriction (e.g. not membership by nomination organisations or with restrictive charges).
  • Projects that only benefit one individual.
  • Projects that are narrowly religious in focus or that support a party political campaign.
  • Retrospective funding, i.e. projects that have already been completed, whether or not already paid for.
  • Works considered a statutory responsibility, such as scheduled transport services, works to public highways and public car parks.

Judging Criteria

The main criteria used when assessing applications received will be:

  • The social, economic and environmental benefits which will result from the project.
  • The level of community support for and involvement in the project.
  • Other factors will also be considered which must be demonstrated in the application:
  • The ability of the applicant to deliver the project.
  • How the work will be continued after the project has been completed i.e. its sustainability and legacy.
  • Value for money.
  • For applications above £2,000, does the application demonstrate any contribution towards the project by the applicant organisation, for example match funding or a gift in-kind of labour and / or materials.

If, after reading the above, you are confident that your project meets the criteria, please get in touch.

Examples from previous years

A) Hirwaun Dragons: Application for general support to enable running of junior football side. Grant £3,000.

B) Little Inspirations Day Nursery currently has the contract for the flying start setting in Penywaun, Aberdare. Penywaun is a disadvantaged area with a high unemployment rate. The day centre seeks funds to improve the facilities to provide good quality childcare for parents to attend workshops for retraining in the hopes for them to gain employment in the future. Grant £5,000.

C) St. James Church, Llwydcoed: Application for assistance with funding to enable restoration. Grant £7,000.

D) Application from headmistress of Cwmdâr Primary School to fund some projects between the school and the community. Several projects are earmarked for next year; Grant £10,000.

E) Application from Yale Summer School Sponsorship programme organisers via RCT CBC. This programme enables selected students from RCT to attend the Yale Young Global Scholars summer programme at Yale University, Connecticut, USA. Amount sought = £ * £700 = £2,100. Grant £2,100.

F) Application form “World of Words” World of Words (WOW) offers a non-profit, well-being programme that uses literacy and language to build confidence and self-esteem amongst children. Amount Sought: £2,000; Grant £2,000

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