Pant y Wal Extension – Community Fund Rules

The Pant Y Wal Extension project has a £2.5m lifetime community benefit to be distributed at £100,000 per annum.

The fund was not secured by a Section 106 (one was not sought by the LPA) and is paid voluntarily by the company. In this project we also paid a community benefit during the construction years prior to operations. The benefit is available for qualifying projects in the communities that lie within Bridgend CBC and specifically those in the Ogmore Valley such as Blackmill, Lewistown, Wyndham, Ogmore Vale, Nant y Moel and Price Town. Monies not spent in any year are rolled up within the company and ring fenced for future spend.

For this project the operational year closes in December and applications should be made by November of that year. The aim is then to distribute funds around Q1 of the following year.

The company holds the funds but in this case applications are vetted by the Ogmore Vale Community Council who have developed their own criteria for grants (please see below). Individuals or groups apply directly to OVCC either by phone, letter or email using the form below.

Typical projects are usually community development, sports or youth development of various kinds (we provide some examples below). Following the application a company representative meets with the applicant one or more times to understand the bid and to identify any opportunity for match funding. If the project qualifies the bid is recommended to the board of directors for approval. All qualifying bids are presented to the board in one paper a year. Some of the projects below have resulted in employment opportunities. As a company we try attend a number of local events every year to get a feel for community needs.

Examples from construction years;

A) Application for purchase of 30 no. iPad computers and 7 no. HD TV’s for Nantymoel Junior School, BCBC. The school has 7 classes with 28-30 pupils per class. Grant £17,500.

B) Application for a bike and scooter rack facility for Nantymoel Primary School, BCBC. Three quotes were sought for installation of the facility and the selected bid was £6,708.60. Grant £6,708.60 Nantymoel.

Pant Y Walk Extension Community Fund Examples – DOWNLOAD

Appendix 1 – OVCC Funding Criteria – DOWNLOAD

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