Ogwr Valley organisations receive £100,000 from Pennant Walters community fund

Pennant Walters award £100,000 from the community fund to 18 organisations across the Ogwr Valley for 2021.

The community benefit pool of £100,000 per year is allocated within the area and will support activities that deliver a range of benefits for the local community. This year money will go to support 18 organisations including sports clubs, community centres, schools and charities.

The money is linked to the construction of the standalone Pant y Wal Wind Extension Farm, adjacent to Ogwr Valley.  The windfarm became fully operational in December 2017 and the fund, established by Pennant Walters, is managed by Ogmore Vale Community Council.

The proposals this year all build on making a long-term positive impact in the community.

Pennant Walters Managing Director, Dale Hart, said: “Our wind energy project community fund exists to make a difference to the local communities in which we work. We are proud to be a member of the local community and have an important role to play in supporting the efforts of organisations seeking to make a difference to people who live and play locally.

During the past year we’ve seen just how important community is, and we are delighted that this money will go to make a positive difference to organisations across the area.”

Future applications for funding can be made in any month up to November of the relevant year, via Ogmore Vale Community Council (OVCC). Decisions on awards will be made by Pennant Walters each year based on the recommendations of OVCC.

Ogmore Vale Non Pol Club Fire escape.  15,000
Wyndham Boys and Girls Club Wages, insurance, licences.  6,692
Cwrt Gwalia Residents Association Flower beds and party.  3,000
Blackmill Bravos Storage shed.  730
Ogmore Vale RFC Doors and windows.  15,216
Ogmore Valley Allotment Association Raised beds and cabin for shop.  3,734
Wyndham BGC Football Railings, dugouts, qualifications.  4,255
Ogmore Valley Ladies Choir Fund Musical Director.  2,380
Ogmore Valley History Society Website developments.  1,980
Tenovus Cancer Centre Support line, virtual choir for OV.  800
Nantymoel Boxing Club Tournament (insurance, fees); match fund building.  6,120
Ogmore Vale Con Club Fire escape doors and urinals.  11,113
Ogmore Vale Primary School Playground equipment.  3,000
Nantymoel BGC Outside café and sports equipment.  1,410
Valley Footie Pups Equipment, parties and excursions.  3,450
Valley Ravens Catering van and equipment.  3,750
Ogmore Valley Bowls Club Shed for storage and security.  17,760
TOTALS  100,390