SHREK Knowledge Test 4

SHREK Knowledge Test 4

Please read all questions carefully.
Please complete all questions and response boxes.
The answers you give will be recorded and used in your personal evaluation and for training purposes.

When should you report a health and safety concern to your supervisor?

2. What do cream fire extinguishers contain?

3. When using a ladder you should always ensure that you have at least ____ points of contact.

4. All of the following statements about manual handling are true EXCEPT: (Choose 2 answers)

5. Blue and white health and safety signs mean:

6. The nozzle of a CO2 fire extinguisher is well known for becoming ___ after use.

7. How many basic elements does a fire need to thrive?

8. If you’re the first person to discover a fire, what should you do?

9. Which of these two types of fire extinguishers should you avoid using in confined spaces? Choose 2 answers

10. What type of health and safety signs are triangular?

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