SHREK Knowledge Test No 11

SHREK Knowledge Test 11

Please read all questions carefully.
Please complete all questions and response boxes.
The answers you give will be recorded and used in your personal evaluation and for training purposes.

You have to work outdoors in bad weather. Your employer should supply you with correctly fitting waterproof clothing because:

When digging, you hit and damage a buried cable. What should you do?

Under Environmental Law which statement is true about protected species?

You are using a wheelbarrow to move a heavy load. Is this manual handling?

What does a hot work permit NOT tell you?

A site vehicle is most likely to injure pedestrians when it is:
You need to work near an electrical cable. The cable has bare wires. What should you do?

Which of these will give you health and safety information about a hazardous substance?

Direct sunlight on bare skin can cause:

Why should you report an accident?

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