SHREK Knowledge Test No 14

SHREK Knowledge Test 14

Please read all questions carefully.
Please complete all questions and response boxes.
The answers you give will be recorded and used in your personal evaluation and for training purposes.

If you have to work in a 'hearing protection zone', you must:

When you walk across the site, what is the best way to avoid an accident with mobile plant?

You are more likely to catch Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) if you:

You find that you cannot do a job as the method statement says you should. What do you do?

How would you expect to find out about site health and safety rules when you first arrive on site?

Your doctor has given you some medication. Which of these questions is the most important?

What danger is created by excessive oxygen in a confined space?

‘Risk’ is:

Which legislation should all working environments adhere to?

There are four main types of health and safety signs and each colour means a different thing, which one is incorrect?

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