SHREK Knowledge Test No 9

SHREK Knowledge Test 9

Please read all questions carefully.
Please complete all questions and response boxes.
The answers you give will be recorded and used in your personal evaluation and for training purposes.

If you’re using inflatable airbags as a means of fall arrest you must ensure that the inflation pump:

Using eye protection is vital for onsite safety, when should you wear eye protection?

What should you do if you accidentally drop your safety helmet and crack it?
Which of these would you not put a mobile tower scaffold on?
Protective mid-soles in your safety footwear are designed to:
Wearing a safety helmet in hot weather can be uncomfortable, which of these is true about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather?

You have just finished working with a particularly noisy piece of equipment and you have a ringing in your ears. What does this symptom imply?

How many (minimum) points of contact should you have with a ladder at all times?
The best way to ensure a ladder is secured and won’t slip is to:
10. What is edge protection designed to do?
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