Foel Trawsnant

39 mW

Our Foel Trawsnant project lies on an upland area of land between Maesteg and the settlements of Duffryn and Cynonville. The site is predominantly within Neath Port Talbot CBC, crossing the county boundary into Bridgend at its eastern extremity.  The site is located within Strategic Search Area F (SSA F).


The site also lies with the refined search area as defined by ARUP in their 2008 study of Strategic Search Areas E and F for a consortium of South Wales Valleys Authorities.  This Arup study was primarily a landscape and visual assessment that sought to identify a ‘Preferred Area or Areas’ for large-scale wind farms broadly within the boundaries of the Strategic Search Area(s), working within the context of the indicative capacity targets for the SSAs (identified in TAN 8 in Table 1 Page 5). The study used a range of technical and environmental data to inform its work.

The company plans to construct up to thirteen wind turbines, which will generate up to 39MW of clean, renewable energy.

Pennant Walters submitted a scoping request to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council in December 2012 and, based on the responses from the Statutory Consultees, has subsequently undertaken the studies necessary to prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the development. These studies are approaching completion and have guided the site design process. A copy of the scoping request, which provides additional detail about the site and the studies proposed for the EIA can be found here.

Ahead of submitting our lanning application we held three information days to offer the local community an opportunity to find out more about this project. These took place in the Afan Lodge in Cynonville, Bryn Community Centre, Bryn and Nantyfyllon Miners' Institute, Nantyfyllon.   Members of our project team were available to answer any questions.

Having completed our assessments a planning application was submitted to Neath Port Talbot CBC in August 2014.  Further information, including the full suite of application documents can be found here.


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