Esgair Cwmowen

47 .5 MW

The site is relatively remote from large settlements, the nearest town of any size being Newtown, about 7.5 miles to the south-east. The area is one of scattered farmsteads and other dwellings and the predominant land use in the area is agriculture, mainly grazing.


The planning application was submitted to Powys County Council following extensive studies of the site and surrounding context and after a lengthy iterative design process.

Pennant Walters is one of a group of wind farm developers who in liaison with Powys CC, WAG and other stakeholder bodies have worked together to define a strategic traffic management plan for the delivery of turbine components to the site.

Initial consultations on our application via Powys CC resulted in requests for further information on a number of specific topics from Natural Resources Wales (formerly The Countryside Council for Wales) and others. 

Further information has been submitted in 2018 and we continue to liaise with consultees as this project moves closer towards determination which is expected in Q2 2018.                



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