Foel Trawsnant
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The site lies within the refined search area as defined by ARUP in their 2008 study of Strategic Search Areas E and F for a consortium of South Wales Valleys Authorities. Having completed all community consultations and environmental assessments a planning application was submitted to Neath Port Talbot CBC in August 2014.


Originally an application for 13 * 125m tall turbines was made in August 2014 and NPT CBC resolved to grant permission in late 2017 subject to a Section 106 covering decommissioning and habitat management. PW subsequently amended the application to 11 * 145m to improve the economics of the site following the removal of the ROC subsidy in 2016/17 and submitted the requisite updated studies to allow consideration. In 2019 NPT CBC resolved to grant permission subject to Section 106 which is currently being finalised.


The economics of the scheme are being evaluated in light of the removal of ROC subsidy for onshore wind. Discussions with turbine manufacturers are ongoing.

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