Christmas cheer spread across Cwmdare by Pennant Walters £3,500 donation
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Christmas cheer has been spread across the village of Cwmdare this year, with a host of activities taking place to help put a smile on the face of youngsters and their families.

Determined Cwmdare4Cwmdare (C4C) members spent the past year working tirelessly to bring festivities to the village after Pennant Walters donated £3,500 to help kick off the festive season in style.

The events, which commenced earlier in the month, included a party for young children at Cwmdare Miners Welfare Club and a carol concert around the Christmas tree.  This weekend they culminated in Santa on his sleigh delivering gifts to the children of Cwmdare.

Cllr. Ann Crimmings, Secretary of C4C and organiser of the festivities, said:

“We were determined that this year our young families should be immersed in the spirit of Christmas and are delighted that we have seen so many people’s faces light up at this time of year.

“We all know how testing the current Covid situation is, and this was our way of helping give back to our local community. We are grateful that Pennant Walters supported us so that we could bring these plans to life.

“C4C was set up to make a difference to the village – and these events will be looked back on for years to come with fondness.”

Pennant Walters provided the money from a fund linked to its Mynydd Bwllfa windfarm. It builds on previous donations which have seen the company provide money to support Cwmdar Primary and various other community groups in the area. Further initiatives are planned for the new year and will include bulb planting and further partnership projects with Cwmdar Primary School.

Pennant Walters Managing Director, Dale Hart, said:

“To see communities come together at this time of year is particularly pleasing and I’m delighted that C4C has made a difference to youngsters across Cwmdare.

“Our wind energy project community funds exist to make a difference to the local communities in which we work, and we’re delighted that this money has been used to put on such fantastic events.”

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