Cwm Ogwr Netball team scores with Pennant Walters funding
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Cwm Ogwr Netball team has received nearly £4,500 from Pennant Walters which has allowed them to recruit more players and train more umpires to boost the game and its popularity across the Bridgend valleys. This donation from Pennant Walters is from a fund linked to the construction of the new, but standalone, Pant y Wal Wind Extension Farm, adjacent to Ogwr Valley.

The club, which has been running since 2017, had experienced a natural dip in player participation during the pandemic and was keen to get back on track and showcase the sport to involve more players.

Sarah Parry, Club Secretary at Cwm Ogwr Netball, explains: 

“We were keen for this money to be used to ensure our players continue to grow and have the experience of playing more games. This money has been great for the club – it’s ensured that we’re in a good position going forward. We’ve now got several trained umpires, which will help us in games and tournaments, whilst we’ve been able to target areas to increase membership.”

The Club has teams running from age 14 through to youth and adults, whilst the funding has also allowed them to develop mixed netball activities. Sarah continued to say:

“It’s fantastic – we’ve now got men playing for the Club regularly, which allows us to enter mixed matches and competitions. This funding has been fantastic for our Club – it’s given us a real boost and allowed us to concentrate our efforts in areas we’ve been looking to for a while.”

Pennant Walters Managing Director, Dale Hart, added:

“This is a fantastic example of how our funding benefits communities long into the future. It’s great to see Cwm Ogwr netball’s growth and we hope that many more people continue to get involved in the sport. The team are doing a fantastic job in promoting the club.

“Our wind energy project community fund exists to make a difference to the local communities in which we work and we’re happy this money benefits so many people directly."

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