Cwmdar pupils shout for safe parking heard with a £1,500 donation from Pennant Walters
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Concerned that the busy road outside school, coupled with some pupils not using the green cross code and parents lack of parking discipline, would lead to an accident, Year 6 pupils from Cwmdar Primary School decided to take matters into their own hands and came up with innovative ways to drum home important road safety messages.

 To help Pennant Walters donated £1,500 and working in partnership with Cwmdare4Cwmdare (C4C), the Police and Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council’s Road Safety Officer the pupils set about developing a road safety campaign.

The pupils quickly got to work and established a road safety poster competition, where winning designs were placed on the railings by the roadside. The school also delivered kerbcraft sessions to Year 2 pupils and Year 5 and 6 pupils, who usually complete the cycling proficiency course.

Headteacher at Cwmdar Primary, Marie Evans, explains:

“As a school, we are constantly monitoring the wellbeing and safety of our pupils but had become increasingly concerned with the dangers drop off and pick up were proving to our children. When we received this money from Pennant Walters, through C4C, we were delighted and decided to put it to effective use, helping to engage parents and others who do the school run. The pupils have all been engaged and we are thrilled that we now have such a powerful set of tools to help address behaviours.”

Cwmdar Primary launched its Road Safety Week, inviting parents and family members to the school to show them how they can positively impact pupil well-being by taking simple actions.

 Year 6 pupil, Ellie, added:

“We know how many families are in a rush at drop off and pick up times, but we get worried that there’ll be an accident outside school and that would be just awful. We really hope that parents will take notice of our campaign and help make our school and community a safer place.”

Pennant Walters funded the campaign through a fund linked to its Mynydd Bwllfa windfarm. It builds on previous donations which have  provided funds to support Cwmdar Primary and various other community groups in the area.

 Pennant Walters Managing Director Dale Hart said:

“We are pleased that this money has allowed the pupils to take a steer and bring this road safety campaign to life. The safety of pupils and everyone in the local area is vital and it is hoped this campaign will make a positive difference to the entire community.

“Our wind energy projects come with community funds that we use to invest in projects such as this and we aim to bring very real benefits to the communities in the vicinity of our projects, providing financial assistance and expertise where we can.”

Cllr. Ann Crimmings, Secretary of C4C, added:

“C4C was set up to work in partnership with organisations to make a difference to the village – this initiative highlights the impact of such projects. I hope the community will continue to listen to the message of the children – to keep them safe.”

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